9/4/24: Upgrading my laptop

Hai all! Yesterday I've bought This ssd of intenso (Its the 256 gb model), for my laptop.

As you may have read in the title, I'm upgrading my laptop. It will be upgraded from Its old 640 gb hdd (5400 rpm) to a ssd, who is sata III, but the port of the laptop is sata II. But that's no problem since sata III is backwards compatible with sata II and I.

After benchmarking this hdd, I've found out it has a write speed of 65 MB/s, and this ssd I've bought supports a write speed of 500 MB/s. Sata II supports up to 300 MB/s, so that's 5 times faster.

I will give a 'review' of the ssd when I've received it and installed it.

Also, a few days earlier I've upgraded this laptop with a 4 gb ddr3 ram stick what I had laying around, and that means I have upgraded from 6 to 8 gb ram. Pretty cool huh?

Oh yeah, btw, my laptop is This thing. I've got It for free, so thats cool.