10/4/24: Update of the ssd upgrade

Hey all, im writing this from my new ssd! And I had to reinstall Linux Mint because cloning failed...

I wanted to use clonezilla, so I installed it on a usb drive etc etc. But it failed because the ssd was to small or something, I did not really want to fix this. I was already questioning if I wanted to reinstall the OS or to clone it. Well, here we are.

Also, if you read my post frorm yesterday, I said that the write speed was 65 MB/s. I misread and it was the read speed.

After benchmarking this disk, it is 551 MB/s read speed! Quite a upgrade from 65 MB/s, huh?

Now I have to reinstall/copy everyting again though... I guess thats the price for performance lol.